Salesforce Development

Succeed where others have failed - or haven’t dared to try.

Made Just for You

Custom-Fit Salesforce Flows

Built like a fine, tailored suit, a custom Salesforce Flow deployment developed for your organization’s intended workflow, helping you automate important tasks and delegate actionable information to the right members of your team.

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Lighten the Load

Ultimate Flexibility within Apex Custom Code

Custom coding with Apex triggers, rules, and classes to handle complex automation, vast amounts of datasets and integrate with your business applications. Our software developers are ready to simplify your most sophisticated processes.

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Flexible and Fast

Custom Lightning Web Components (LWC)

Custom HTML and modern JavaScript elements designed for Salesforce applications built for your intended purposes and needs. Lightweight and versatile, Lightning Web Components run in the cloud and work natively on any browser.

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Custom Development

Achieve a solution that works for your organization, plain and simple.

API Coordination

Too crowded in the backend? We’ll get everything to play nice.

Built for the Future

Routine testing, updates and support so your efforts endure.

Troubleshooting and Support

Our team is committed to solving problems so you’ll never be in the dark.

Lookup & Master-Detail Relationship | Parent-Child Relationship | Sub Query | Salesforce Demo

Ari Leeds talks you through Object Relationship in Salesforce and how to navigate Lookup & Master-Detail, Parent-Child, and Sub Query relationships.

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