Mapadore: Salesforce Native Smart Geolocation and Scheduling Tool for Sales Optimization

Mar 4, 2021


Sales is an ever-evolving landscape and with all of the digital revolution happening, there is a dire need to equip our salespeople with innovative tools to increase sales productivity and help them keep up with the business goals.

One of our clients was looking for such a sales management transformation. They were troubled with the amount of time they spent scheduling meetings, assigning sales reps, and their overall ability with respect to customer retention and satisfaction. Since they had many clients spread across the region, they desperately needed a robust solution that could tackle crucial needs like meeting scheduling, rescheduling, mapping sales reps with the right expertise for appropriate work, optimum travel route for the sales reps, and so on that could help make the work of sales reps stress-free and easy.

Think about it: if a prospect decides not to talk to you because of scheduling delays or an error in judgment, you've lost before you had the chance to sell, costing you time and money. Closing a deal and retaining customers depends on whether or not you can book high-quality meetings and deliver on your promises.

After intense research and discovery, we landed on a sales scheduling tool called Mapadore. We like the simple interface and how much it can save sales reps’ time and increase productivity. Mapadore makes the daily sales management cycle easier.

Mapadore is a transformational tool that helps manage complex sales scheduling, giving valuable time and money back into the hands of the employees and the company. Mapadore for Salesforce helps sales organizations boost their Field Sales Reps’ operational efficiency and make sales management quick and easy by giving them the ability to measure and manage different metrics.

Instead of spending hours mapping routes, creating schedules, and ensuring your customers' needs are met, sales reps can focus on what they do best - sell!  

Mapadore uses real-time data analysis in order to help salespeople out of the scheduling and administrative decision-making process and helps manage and plan their day for them. Mapadore makes use of Geo-Optimization and Machine Learning-based algorithms that make sales reps and sales teams much more productive. They also use Digital Assistants (relevance score, smart planner, etc.) to guide salespeople to make effective decisions which in turn increase revenues. Mapadore Digital Assistants hugely simplify the operational life of sales reps and sales team and maximize their Salesforce adoption.

An entire sales route can be planned in a matter of minutes and Mapadore makes it happen with the help of two components. Geolocation allows you to clearly see the clients on the map and optimize sales route transfers. Thus the total number of clients that you are able to meet is higher, and as a consequence also the number of sales opportunities. Artificial intelligence suggests which actions to take next.

Interesting elements considered when identifying an efficient sales route are:

  • The average total transfer time spent traveling from one client to another, which should not just take into consideration the distance but also the possible traffic delays and pit stops.
  • The time spent with the client, which depends on the relevant sales relationship stage.
  • The time spent on back-office duties, like data entry, reporting, document management, and so on.
  • The priority of certain clients over others, on the basis of their geographical position, your company’s priorities and strategy, and of the value, they yield.
  • Taking your current commitments and already scheduled appointments into consideration, Mapadore suggests which clients should be visited first and when exactly.
  • Mapadore also has the ability to guide you through the choice of the right sales rep.

We have been using Mapadore and testing it with different use cases and we see how it could make sales reps’ life much easier. Mapadore team has been really patient and helpful with the setup, guiding us through the process, and answer all our questions. Mapadore Sales Execution module is available on the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace, and we highly recommend you check it out for your Sales and scheduling needs! Let us know what you think about the product.

Visit Mapadore website for more info:

Adarsh Ponnana