Convert Multiple Profiles to Permission Sets. Now, there’s a quick and easy way.

Oct 18, 2023


Converting Profiles into Permission Sets: Why and How?

Why it's important to start converting  Profiles now:

Salesforce encourages Salesforce admins to transition away from granting permissions to users via their Profiles. Rather than assigning permissions through Profiles, User Management best practices encourage granting users access via Permission Sets. 

In 2026, Salesforce will release an EOL of Profile Permissions update that will make this change mandatory for all Salesforce customers.

Converting Profiles can be quite challenging; so, to help Salesforce customers prepare, we’ve built a Profile to Permission Set conversion tool available through our AppExchange app, Permatrix.

Profile Converter is a feature designed to help System Administrators copy transferable settings from existing Profiles over to new Permission Sets so that users can be granted similar access through Permission Sets instead of Profiles.

The Profile to Permission Set conversion feature supports all user license types and allows users to convert multiple Profiles to Permission Sets at once. Give Profile Converter a try and let us know your thoughts!

Note: When converting Profiles, please be aware of the presence of risky permissions such as ‘View Encrypted Data’ and verify that the permissions within Profiles and Permission Sets grant the appropriate level of access for assigned users.

👉Install Permatrix on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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- Written by Arthur Papernik, Product Manager (Permatrix)